Tiling Window Managers

So, I’m interested in trying out a tiling window manager, but there are a lot of them, and I don’t really know their strengths. Which one is your favorite, and why?
I’m interested to hear from anyone that uses/has used a tiling window manager.
Please do not go off topic.

It’d also be nice if you could post a screenshot or something. :smiley:

there is a nice list of them.
only one i’ve used is ion.it’s alright, but i really can’t use my desktop like that. i always end up having couple of too small windows, or wasted space. works best only with console screens, but for that only, there is already quadkonsole.



@basse, i think egan is looking for something for windows ^^
my eagleeye spottet windows XP home sp2 in his sig :smiley:

You could install xorg under windows though and run one of the linux tiling window managers.

As for windows i use directory opus. Its rather expensive, but i am completely satisfied. Worth the money IMO.

Personaly i use Awesome becouse its easy to configure.

Your post is a complete disappointment…
I really expected the sentence to end … because its awesome.

No, no, I want to X Window Managers for Unix, Linux, or BSD!

Two that I have definitely heard are pretty good are Ion and Awesome. I’m interested to know how they behave, like why don’t you like Ion, is it just bad placing of clients?

Awesome looks pretty cool; the idea of dynamically tagging groups of windows is interesting, I’m more used to virtual desktops/workspaces.

There are certainly others, but since I’m new at this, I don’t know what’s different about them.

WMII, because it is feature full and lightweight. All the settings are accessible via a virtual file system, so it can be customize with what ever scripting/programing language you like best. If you plan on trying it be sure to use a hg pull as there has been bug fixes for using blender.



You can find more screenshots on the Archlinux forum where tiling window managers are quite popular. :wink:

XMonad and Awesome are also worth checking out.

Thanks for the info, N30N! :smiley:

Ooh, and it looks like it has some nice easy-to-understand documentation too! :slight_smile:

So, it looks like I have chosen one… wmii. So far it is working out really nice. It’s
very intuitive and it is even a bit blender-like! I like the settings as a file system.

So thanks for your input guys!

He he, and since I am in a minmalistic window manager, I am using w3m right now. I’m
surprised how easy it is to use. It puts me in my text editor to post things and such;
really slick.

switched to DWM, Awesome3 is a PITA to configure.

He, dwm is configured through its source code. I guess it is small though. :smiley: