Tilt/Shift effect with photography

I was recently overseas and grabbed a timelapse of Singapore (using a Canon DSLR and Magic Lantern firmware). I thought it’d be cool to see if I could turn it into a tilt/shift video, making the city look like a miniature. For those who haven’t seen this effect check out this online generator:

So using Blender’s compositor, it’s possible to combine the Bokeh Blur filter, Bokeh Image input, image sequence and gradient texture to produce this effect! The gradient texture controls the focal plane. This could be applied to a single image or movie, plus you could even animate the gradient ramp and have the focus change throughout the video! Pretty cool :slight_smile:

Blend should be up shortly on blendswap, in the meantime you can download it here (CC-0):


Wow, looks a lot like my tutorial. Good job really nice images. Fun part is the ability to animate the gradient (blend or ramp) during the animation. Also you could substitute in depth shapes with different grey values for z.