Time information on screen, minutes & seconds

I have a problem…
I am making a daylight simulation in Blender. I have Nishita sky and Sun Position Add-on.
It all looks good, but client wants a small clock saying what time we can see in the animation.
I was trying with animation add-on and I was able to create time with decimal values.
But… client needs hours, and minutes, and not decimals 15:45 instead of 15,75.

How can I create / recompute it to achieve result?
Will be glad for help!

One things confusing me… why are all those links blue (vectors) not grey (values) ?


The first task is create the hours… this is just case of just bringing the decimals in the float to text box you have down to 0.

Next we create the minutes… for this we put the time value through math node : modulo 1 … this removes everything to the left of the decimal place, then another maths multiply by 60, then into another float to text.

Then … can we add the two texts and add a “:” ? Or would it be easier to just use seperate objects?

Or, there’s an addon called textfx that can (amongst other things) generate a clock.

Thanks! I will check that solution! :slight_smile:

@yogyog - and how to add math node in animation node ? is it possible to mix 2 node systems ?

No, you can’t mix two node systems but maths nodes are pritty universal I think. Must admit I’m yet to learn animation nodes.

Than I guess there is no option to create math with “modulo 1” or I don’t know how to do it here…
(or I know how to substract values, or recalculate but outside of Blender :slight_smile: )


…or you could try the textfx addon.

hmmm… OK :smiley: I didn’t find that one! :slight_smile:
Sorry for trouble!