Time IPO doesn't work on armatures?

In 2.49b:

I have a sequence with 4 separate armatures being animated together, plus a number of related objects like external IK controllers. I’d like to stretch the time out by 10% to 20% for a slight slomo effect. Like shooting film @ 30fps instead of 24, it can smooth out rapid action without making it look actually slowed down.

I applied a linear IPO curve in the Time channel for all the objects in the scene, including the armatures as Objects. There’s no Time channel in the bones channels set so that’s not a consideration. Initially the Time IPO curve extended the sequence length from 95 frames to 110 frames

But when playing the animation back in the UI, or when rendering, none of the armatures are affected by the Time IPO. I increased the time stretch to nearly double the initial value (95 frames to 175 frames) and still no affect on the armatures. I tested a separate object (a basic sphere) with the same Time IPO curve and it does work as expected, but not on armatures treated as Objects. The manual doesn’t mention any limitations of this sort – am I missing some aspect of using the Time IPO with an armature?

IIRC time IPO in 2.49 doesn’t work with many things like armatures, textures and materials. I asked about this a year ago and was “promised” that 2.5 would be better :slight_smile: well I haven’t tried it, let us know if you figure something out.

Thanks for the info, walshlg, I mainly wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing some trick with the Time IPO. Turns out just scaling the keys in the Action Edityor was very quick and reliable. my usual approach, but I’d wanted to try the Time IPO first since I haven’t used it much, wondered if it was more efficient. In this case, it isn’t :smiley: