Time Lapse Video (24 unique cookies + tray, ~15 min., from start to final render)

Here’s a fun little demonstration I recorded last night:

“Let’s Make Some Cookies!”

It is around a 15-minute time lapse video (~10 min. online) of a very simple Blender project from start to finish.

The goal:

Create two dozen unique cookies…

…all at once


…and place them on a cookie tray, then texture, light, render, and finalize the scene within 15 minutes.

Sounds like fun, right?

The entire scene setup is actually completed around 5 minutes or so, and the rest of the time is spent on materials, rendering, and tweaking.

Techniques include: extrusion, sculpting, material assignments, procedural textures, composition, camera placement, lighting, and basic node adjustments with depth of focus (DOF).

Blender 2.49 was used. I did this on my laptop.

Here is the video link:

It seems best viewed in full screen mode.


Wow, very good job! Really nice outcome, also. Watching the video actually made me hungry :S

Thanks a lot.

could you please also post a final render, too? The video is a bit blurry but the cookies look very realistic I guess?

That was interesting… I was more thinking about what you were doing and how you were doing it… Like how you subdivided it, then sized them all, and then made them from square to circle… that was an interesting part… If you could elaborate how you did that I would be greatfull



Thanks allot for sharing! It was interesting to see how you worked and all the different tools you used, some of which i didn’t recognize. Damn it, i’m hungry! : p

+1 to adding a final render. it looks great already, it would be nice to see it in better quality.

Thanks for the interest :slight_smile:

Enclosed (below) is the render from the little demonstration. Not a true “final render” as I prefer, but sufficient for the demo :wink:

N00B3R: The part where the one plane becomes the cookies involves the following steps:

  • subdivision
  • selecting all faces
  • extruding (then ESC key to abort extrusion)
  • inverting selection
  • deleting faces
  • switching Pivot mode to Individual Centers
  • scaling down faces
  • extruding
  • shrink/fatten
  • moving cookies mesh to be in contact with tray

I would have preferred to do this with Blender 2.5, but the extrusion behavior (duplicating entire object instead of the option of individual faces) appears to be under development still.

I might do some more time lapses when I get the chance and post them if there’s the interest in seeing them.



Thanks for the render. They look yummy! :slight_smile:

Please do so, it’s been a great educational experience.

Hey Robert, I had to buy a cookies pack after seeing this… really :yes:

Very creative use of the modelling tools!

pretty cool :slight_smile:
I think you should do some SMCs! :smiley: