Time-now with blend file

Have not posted in a while, been busy lately but found enough time for blender at some point during the night :smiley:

here is a watch that I started modeling at night and finished some time the next day.

I will post the blend file soon :slight_smile:

C&C welcome.

Here is the blend file, download HERE


wow, what a reflection. the model looks good but the metal thing at the end to make shure that it doesnt fall of your wrist (i dont know how to call it in english) is to thin.

It’s too bright!

Also, the rotating part looks rather bulky and low poly. I think you could improve that by using a texture to add more detail.

Everything else looks ok, just lower the brightness please.

Belt could be textured to look more leathery in my opinion, and I don’t think watches have reflections so bright it washes out some of the hour marks.

I’ll get blind if i see the hours in that watch…


  • Remove all that brightness

  • Improve on detail

  • Change camera angle

  • Make a little reflective the glass of the watch…

  • And make a box to it :stuck_out_tongue: hehe


Thanx for the replies, I will improve on the watch when I have time (probably during some night :wink: )

I have posted the blend file at the top, If anyone is intrested in downloading it, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you post what you have done here :slight_smile: