Time Travel

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Well, the popular belief among the Quantum Mechanics crowd is the multiple timeline theory,
but I’m of the opinion that time is in opposition to velocity. The theory of relativity has been partially proven, travelling faster slows the apparent effect of time on an object.

This seems to indicate that the faster you travel, the less time affects you. Since the earth orbits the sun at thousands of KPH, and the sun orbits the galaxy, and the galaxy orbits the universe, which orbits the multiverse, etc everyone is moving at unimaginable velocities already. I think the only real flaw in the Theory of Relativity is that we assume time is relative to the speed of light. It would actually be relative to the “Ultimate Center of Everything”. We know the galaxy shares the universe, with other galaxies, and the galaxies orbit the center of the universe. We suspect the universe shares a “megaverse” in a similar way, and megaverses a “gigaverse”, on to infiity. Therefore there is no “real” center, yet TRUE velocity is relative to that imaginary, possibly non-existant point. Makes the head hurt, doesn’t it.

This would mean travelling back in time wouldn’t be possible since nothing can have a neagative TRUE velocity, but it would be possible to speed the effect of time on an object by lowering its TRUE velocity.

Time is not an object, or a dimesion that can be travelled through. It is the effect of the primal force of entropy.

This theory doesn’t preclude the parrallell universe theory, both could be true. IMHO its more likely for both to be true than just one.

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So you’re saying if I walk backwards I’m not going back in time…? Sob Noooooo!!! Guess I’ll just have to do some disco dancing to console myself because other peoples’ knowledge is increasing exponentially over my head. :stuck_out_tongue:


A little off-topic here, but anyone know a good webhost? Or are they all crackpots? Or am I the only one?

I read that site about John Titor after seeing the link on here and i want to just say that it could be true or it could be rubbish, but either way it is one of the most interesting sites i have found on the web. Thanks for posting it on here otherwise i never would have found it.

Timetravel is impossible, the langoliers would get you.

like goofster said…

well you can’t go back in time, but you can slow or speed up the effect time has on you… I guess-

I was doing some reading on this site
it is talking about the “black hole” or… reaaaaaallly tiny collapsed star… whatever floats yer boat-

(it mentions that once you pass the horizon, you cannot escape, because it sucks in light, and nothing can go faster than light)
(penelope is just someone who is a safe distance from the black hole)

There is another way to look at this whole business. In a sense, time really does pass more slowly near the horizon than it does far away.Suppose you take your spaceship and ride down to a point just outsidethe horizon, and then just hover there for a while (burning enormous amounts of fuel to keep yourself from falling in). Then you fly backout and rejoin Penelope. You will find that she has aged much more than you during the whole process; time passed more slowly for you than it did for her.

Way to dig up a two month old thread there…

But still, I’m a crackpot.

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actually I didn’t know it was 2 months old… I just did a search for “langoliers” and this came up, among 2 other posts

Einstein’s theory of relativity explains that… space and time are constantly warping. NASA is doing a monumental experiment soon that will determine whether or not it is entirely correct… by using ultra-sensitive equipment to detect the rift the Earth creates in space-time by spinning.

You would have to go much further into the future in order to be able to carry a portable instant cloning tool with point and click technology before you went back to do the clone bit. But once you went to the future you would not want ot return to the present either for various reasons. Make the best of now

I’m not talking about an instant cloning tool. Where I was going with that was that you would have two positions at one time, thus creating a duplicate in that position at that time. And at the point where you decided to pull the U-turn and go back in time, you’d have many different positions at the same time, resulting in many clones, no?

Or maybe I’m just a crackpot… 60% of you seem to think so.

You’re assuming that time can be divided up into instances and that you would be able to occupy several instances at once. Not so. That theoretically can happen in a quantum state from our perspective but you don’t occupy a quantum state.
The images seen by hubble are ancient light. A time machine of sorts. The present can not be seen from the stand point of the ancient lights origins. We can only see the past as we look out in time. We do see not the cosmic distant present. So we can not alter the distant past.
Time is not segmented accept on our synthetic measuring tools (clocks and watches). Points of reference in time are established organicly by celestial bodies through gravity etc. You can’t be there and here simultanteously in time unless you transcend this dimension altogether and see everything in a moment of time from the stand point of the transcendent dimension. Make sense?

My theory:
“Time” is only an abstract concept, “time” is not a strip of film you could index at your will, it is “realtime”, once an event occurs in “time” it is replaced by another event and is gone forever. There is only one “now” and it is absolute. “Time travel” can be simulated or faked by speeding up the events around you or slowing down yours so that for example when one “second” for you passes by a century passes by for the others around you making it seem as though you leaped through time into the future.

At least my theory does not have holes in it like the theory that time is tangible. :expressionless:

i am walking proof that time travel is possible. We just went on a holiday, and it took us 9 hours in a car to get there. But after 9 hours of being in the car, it was only 8 and a half hours later. I also could ring people i knew back where my home is, and they were half an hour behind. Wicked, eh!

I just need to patent the idea…

You’re referring to Gravity Probe B.
Which, as it happens, launches today (April 20) if there are no more delays.

http://einstein.stanford.edu/ Go to “What is GP-B?” and have a look at the story behind it. This satellite’s been 40 years in the making and the specs are quite impressive.

As for your theory, I’m not sure I understand what the black triangle tapering to the right means.

oh my frigg’en gosh…elysiun is like…turning into a religion creator.

we’ve got luicid dreaming, and now this time travel crap.

whats next? tree’s turning into dinosaurs?!?!