Time watcher

something i did yesterd day to see how far i can go with the textureing and costume design side
i call her the time wathcer,
the model was made a long time ago, its limyas model ,but i add some details and costume desing on it

all the textures were made by Krita ,
as you can see i add some extra details

for some reason i dont render or work on highpoly models i feel scared of thim, i dont know why,
thats why you can see the low poly flat lines on the head

ther are alot of renders to upload, but i havent been able to upload something today, i dont know why, but soon ill do that

C&C are more than welcomed


She looks, just, cool. Love the way you portrayed her

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Really cool looking character! I know high poly characters can be a little bit daunting. Especially when it comes to topology.

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@rubend056 thank you so much for that

@ArtAvenue thank you so much , and yeah thy are,