Time Wizard

Done in blender and gimp. Rendered with blender internal.
Hope you like it!


one :very nice work
2 ; is he man or a woman, ? she is a witch ,
the magic sparks need to be lighted up , i mean it,s magic right ?
and i like the grass and how the clock looks

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Thanks alf0!
I thought wizard is genderneutral, should be a woman :slight_smile:
you’re right about the magic sparks, they’re maybe too subtle.
the grass is very cg-ish, but I hoped it would fit to the non realistic-look of the render.

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i really dont know, about it , i just thought wizard are mens witch’s are girls ,

From wikipedia about magic: “In Western societies, the practice of magic, especially when harmful, was usually associated with women. For instance, during the witch trials of the early modern period, around three quarters of those executed as witches were female, to only a quarter who were men.”

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oh new i git it,
and sorry for the long time replay