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What do you think of this, in all seriousness? In his words, he said “I seek to know, not think.” How does that work…

I think it is great how the internet allows idiots to make money with stupid ideas like this. I’m an idiot, so I should be able to come up with a dumb idea to get rich on the internet very soon.

“I seek to know, not think.” This means you should “know” to just follow his stupid idea without “thinking”.

Power to the idiots!

If you use a default UV sphere you would have 32 night and days per revolution. :smiley:

Oh god, this site. I’ve known about this site for years. There’s even a Dvorak trading card game someone made based off of this. At first glance you’d think it was all some sort of hilarious prank, but the guy is pretty serious in his crackpot theories and accusations: “You are educated stupid and can’t compute a Time Cube.” Wikipedia has an article on him. He likes to use conspiracy theories against people who don’t take him seriously.

Amazing the range of the subjects on the internet. This is a perfect example of people using this medium to express views that otherwise would not necessarily make it to the pages of any popular self-respecting major paper, except maybe in the not so serious section.

He’s right if you don’t take into effect being locked to one individual time zone,
as in a strick 24 hour earth rotational period, but the question is how many times
do you divide everything. It looks like he’s settled on a cube! :smiley:
If he figured it out mathematically that may help him with the ‘crazy’ factor,
but maybe that might just make things worse for him. :smiley:

“En = [n,∞) CR (R=(1+A/nμ~rad/s²)= We finally have an infinity singularity of sunsets etc. per day!
That’s much more than the initial four that I only theorized about!”

Kbot is right though, it’s kind of rudimentary, but if he figured it out first, that’s what it’s all about.
It looks like the MIT guys like him. I bet he actually got the idea from that specific paperweight. :smiley:
I imagine he was sitting on a tractor after a hard days tilling of soil, and then after wiping his forehead
with a hankerchief, pulled the paperweight out of his pocket etc.