Timeline - comprehensive tutorials?

I’ve just had a look at the timeline window (never really understood its purpose till now) and see that it is fairly comprehensively featured. The one significant thing it seems to lack however is audio scrub (2.41). It plays back with audio sync just fine but if I just drag the frame marker in the Timeline Window, there’s no audio like there is when the marker is dragged in the Action window. This means that to sync audio, I have to scrub in one window then add the markers in the Timeline window. :confused:

I can live with that for now but also have another question. Is there a way to scrub the audio more “smoothly” (Like a 1/10 slow-mo) ? I don’t know if this is possible in any digital editor (I don’t think Audacity does it either) but it would be a nice feature. Currently, the scrub playback is very “jerky” making it difficult to tell when a specific audio event commences or ends. With some speech I’m finding it almost impossible to pick important phonemes (I know there are other programs for lip-syncing but if Blender can or could provide smoother slow audio playback, that would be a better solution for me. Although, if Audacity can do it, some advice there would help too). I’m after a playback similar to what you get when you drag an audio tape slowly over the playback head.

Is there a comprehensive tutorial anywhere on the Timeline window and audio-syncing? (I found the release logs and Matt Ebb’s initial discussion on his coding but want more practical advice on actual usage)