Timeline for modifiers result while in edit mode?

Sept my next semester starts and I am concidrring using 2.8

Any idea when modifier preview would be back while in edit mode?

It is supposed to be fixed for beta.
But everything will probably not be fixed or essential addons will probably be missing for first stable 2.80 at the end of next trimester.
And there is no warranty that community of testers does not miss something before first release.
There are often UI changes for second release or third release from feedback of the first release.

IMO, it is not a good idea to propose to learn 2.8 for next semester.
I would stick to 2.79b and only show 2.8 changes when 2.80 will be released.
It is easy to propose to teach next super innovative Blender release.
But 3 months of teaching on a beta for newbies : it is not serious.

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maybe for rendering / eeVee we move the data over