Blender add-on for counting the time of making your projects.

The add-on works in the background, counting the project developing time.

The add-on is useful for freelancers and other Blender users who need to know how much time the work on the current project takes.

Add-on web-page: https://b3d.interplanety.org/en/blender-timeme/

Current version: 1.2.0. for Blender 2.8.


Good idea, I’ll try it out :yes:

Interesting. Sometimes, I need to know it.

is it possible to show seconds ?right now it shows only minutes

fiendish55, Toudou



Yes. But why? Why do you need such accuracy?

i thought it might be useful if we can get seconds also , as it shows rendertimes, it might be helpful ,

Ok, I will enable seconds.

Can you pause it, go work on another blend file or something outside of blender, then come back and resume the timer?

You don’t need to pause/restart it manually. When you work in Blender it counts your time. If you switch to another window without closing Blender it increases your ALL TIME but not WORK TIME when you switch back to Blender. When you save your blend project, your time saves too. It stores in current blend file and when you open your blend file next time, your time starts from saved values. You can lose your time only in one case if you close blend project without saving, but I think it is logical, if you don’t save your work, you don’t save your time too.


I am getting it now. Thanks

Opps one more then. Is it possible without copying and pasting to the blender text editor and saving. To get this into a file that you can print out or email?

To save time info directly fo *.txt file, not to Blender Text_Editor?

Well not actually to a *.txt file, thought that would be very nice, but to the WINDOWS clipboard that you could then paste into a text editor or and email.

I understood. I will try to add this option too.

Very simple and well executed idea - tnx! :slight_smile:


Welcome )

A reset to zero button would be nice too. Just incase you want to zero out the time for some reason.

Update to version 1.1.0.

  • Seconds accuracy enabled
  • Added Copy to clipboard function
  • Added Reset time function


hello korchy ,

thanks for the amazing update ,

i have added invoke box in your code … just to prevent accidental pressing of reset button


I’ve added this insurance too.