Tiny Robot Spider

So I started a project just for fun. I am thinking of modeling a little tiny robot spider.
It’s fun making something without any real reference for a change.
Anyways I added some concept sketches and a first try on one of the spider’s eyes.


So I have added another eye for my tiny robot spider.
Work is slowly progressing

So I have added some details to the left eye and also started working on the housing.
I think I am going to make a bit like a cap.

Added some antennas and an inner component.

Reworked the components and the cap.
Going to start working on the legs and the body.

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A friend told me it looks like something built out of scrap metal in a garage by a crazy scientist, so i have worked along those lines and added a small inner tube from some sort of cart. Work in progress.

Have reworked the parts again and given the little soon to be spider a smile on his face.
I have also added some hooks to keep the cart-tire in place.
Going to start working on the spider legs next.

Made some first versions of the legs, trying to get a sense of how the should look.
Work in progress.

Trying to figure out what kind of legs this little fella should have.
Not really happy about any of my Ideas so far.


I think I have figured out a basic shape for the legs now, needs some more work but I am
on the right track. Work in progress.

So I figured out the little fellas name, its Pix.
I think I am kind of done with the shape of the legs, at least for now.

I think I am going to rigg the legs and get to work on the materials next.

So I was not happy with the look of the legs so I made another version.
I Think I like this version much better. I need to add 8 legs and rigg them
in order to see what changes I need to make but. Its a good start.
Work in progress.

So I rigged a simple version of the leg and added 8 of them to the Tiny Robot spider.
You really need to put all the pieces together to get a sense of what needs to change.
Here It all looks like a mess of joints and the legs look way too skinny.
I think a protecting cover that hides the joint that rotates along the z-axis on every leg part.
Also, I need to have a better size on the control units for the motors.
So back to work.

Yep, that worked better. But now I need to remake the foot.
It seems a bit to thin to work together with the leg.

I liked the simplicity of the first version(s) of the legs. Looked a bit like metal framing all boosted together. The later versions have… too much?

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What a neat concept. I like seeing the progress and testing of ideas.

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Well I Agree, but I felt the first version were too Simple and the latest ones have too much details.
I am trying to sort of triangulate a happy middle.
Normaly I have a plan and pretty much stick to it.
This project I just do for fun with no real deadline,
So I try to Explore different extremes and just see where i End up. Thanks for the feedback @philo_vivero :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush: Its fun to just going crazy sometimes. Does wonders for ones motivation.

Well @philo_vivero I think you might be right. I did something less complicated
and I think it looks better.

reworked the legs once more and made the feet a bit bigger.