Tippexed Poetry

Here is the final render of a wip I had for a while (you might have seen it in the other part of the forum under wip)

Done in cycles around 2000 samples.

I like it, but not sure what the focus of the scene is meant to be; google rule of thirds.

Nice render, good modelling and texturing, just the composition - mainly arrangement of the scene items are wrong for me; and the glass might be too thick, just slightly.

I always like that type of image. You should change material of this frame and this picture more users prefer young girls :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I think the frame could use a more “interesting” material but its all I cvould work with at that moment… as for the girl she is as young as me… the hinted Claire Forlani isn’t old really… or I hope she doesn’t feel old :slight_smile: