Tips for making eevee as good as cycles?

hi, i was making an interior and ended up with a lot of faces and verts so i was thinking of using eevee but it doesn’t look as good as cycles if you want photorealism :thinking:
does anyone have any tips or methods for achieving a better result with eevee?
thanks in advance.

Hi, the answer on your question could be a few chapters. Therefore I give just a few ideas, but it would be better if you can show 2 renders: one with EEVEE and another one with Cycles. For example, what do you mean with “doesn’t look as good as” and “achieving better results”? That can be a lot of things. For example, do you see light leaks, or the materials doesn’t look that good, something wrong with shadows, etc.
Here what pops up in my mind so far:

  • In EEVEE the Environment light (world and HDRI), don’t cast shadows. Therefore you want to use lights and lamps.
  • You need a reflection cubemap and a irradiance probe with the correct settings.
  • Lights need correct settings for shadow, contact shadow
  • Indirect light needs to be baked
  • Subtle or plausible settings for AO if you need/want to use it.
  • Some shaders work differently in EEVEE and Cycles. Some nodes are not compatible with EEVEE.
  • A bunch of render settings need to be adjusted.
  • When animating, you need to be careful with glossy materials and AO. Glossy materials can show easily problems related to screen space (where you don’t see geometry on a particular angle in the camera, EEVEE doesn’t know that there is geometry and that has an impact on shadows and reflections). When the materials are a bit rougher, you don’t notice it that good. Though, with correct settings you can minimalize this issue.

If you can be more specific, I can help you better. I developed the EV Express addon and the EEVEE production suite because I found it a hassle to set EEVEE up all the time to get the best out of it. You might want to check and see what it does and get ideas what the culprit can be in your scene.

But I most cases you can’t make EEVEE as good as Cycles, but that depends on what you want, what materials you are using, etc. One good thing about EEVEE is that it is fast, like 3 seconds for a render noise free with a quality often (depends) close to Cycles. I made tons of renders with EEVEE, and here is an example. I think I couldn’t tell if it was Cycles or EEVEE in 90% of the cases (still). You see it sometimes in some animations, if it’s not setup properly like flikkering.


wow thanks really helpful, i meant the general quality of renders and lightings not a specific scene, i think i didn’t pay enough attention to all those lighting settings in eevee its a bit simpler for cycles.
lovely render btw :sweat_smile:

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