Tips for mirroring a bone chain?

I do my rigging primarily in Maya, but lately have started rigging in Blender and I have a question I hope someone can answer.

I set up my bone chain using the x-axis mirroring, so theoretically, I get a mirrored bone chain, but in reality it appears to only be mirrored on each bone’s local x-axis. You can see this when you selected 2 mirrored bones and rotate them on their local x-axis. Each bone has the same rotational numeric values, but rotates perfectly opposite of each other.

For the y and z axis, however, they are not mirrored. I would like my mirrored bones to be perfect mirrors of each other for all 3 axes. Is this possible? I only seem to be able to rotate bone roll (x-axis) and nothing else.


First, the cursor at the center, and then to the axis mode to cursor

I’m not sure I follow. Can you elaborate further? Thanks for the help!

Your problem is in setting the pivot point, so you need to use shift + s the cursor is set in the center of the scene, then the axis menu, set the cursor to the axis

X Axis Mirror works about object center (the Armature object center).

Blender recognize mirrored bone through Left or Right (xxx.L or xxx.R) bone name. For example moving arm.L bone will move arm.R bone on the other side by same amount, mirrored.