Tips on Making dust?

Any ideas on how to make a dusty room? Using BI. ( interior vampire lair )

Had this crazy idea - what if hair could be used…Laying 3 finger thick or hanging in the air? One shot or animated? - probably too much tweaking still needed…

the dust on surfaces or the dust in the air ??

mostly I need surface dust, but also dust in the air. Eppo, really nice idea. I will use that.

ah, thanks. very helpful links.

Guess such masks can be additionally used to drop/distribute simple particles. That hair idea feels better while hanging in the thin air, not on surfaces :D.

aha, airborne particles… something from c4d method again are Microfloaties, but haven’t found a case in blender or had time & opportunity to translate it.
Would use it on surface only when making macro shots or shots inside a fluid + volumetric lighting (medical, anatomical, chemical or slo-mo shots, tranquil scenery…

“… at the winter sunrise, early morning, rays shining through the window, all white outside, cold, sparkling frost flowers on side of glass, winter ideal - white death… and slowly floating dust glittering in a warm cosy interior, small cabin in the mountain hills, just near the Alps… she’s lovely lying in the warmth of the sun… am off to care for life…”

I thought I’d see what I could do with halo particles here, but I can’t get them to stick…have been tweaking particle and collision settings, and nothing seems to make them stick solidly. They always just roll off like water more or less. any idea what I am missing? It seems like it should be simple enough…but perhaps not.
(edit) hm, what about making an overhead light map and using that to control the emission of a static particle system…hmmm. or dynamic paint. back to the lab…

You need Suzanne as a Collision Object and max Stickiness, Damping for it. Also Particles Gravity likely is too high by default- .3 seems better.

I would upload blend however it is around 7Megs even with 200 particles and compressed. No idea what’s going on…
Edit: 32 Undo steps and 6000 particles before…This was the reason.
Increase particles to some 2000 - it’s 200 in file.

Awesome. I had stickiness cranked to the max, but I hadn’t thought of changing the gravity.