Tips on moving out?

Hello there.
This forum gives me so much help when it comes to my studies in 3D art, so perhaps they can help me with a real life inquiry aswell xD

I will be 22 years old this year and i still live with my family. we’re very close knit so it was hard to find a reason to move out before.
However i have been in a long distance relation ship for more than half a decade now (Don’t worry, we’ve visited eachother several times already) And it’s kind of come to a point where it’s kind of now or never for her and I to try and get together to actually stay together.

This fair sized window of opportunity is finally open, but i need a place of my own to accomplish it.

I am just about to get a promotion at my work and sadly i’ll only be at $9.25 an hour with about 60 hours per 2 weeks.

overall i’m kind of in that position where i don’t even know what i don’t know so it’s hard to ask any questions. I just thought if anyone has extra time they could share some experiences with me or warnings of what not to do.

Like maybe a house is easier to get than an apartment, or maybe there’s a secret other way to go like getting a condo instead or something like that.

My gf will be able to get a job and work at some point, but for this to work… i gotta get the place up and running on my own at first.

Thanks so much for your insight ^-^