Tips on retargeting Mixamo animations to Rigify armature?

I thought I’d try and save time animating by putting my model through Mixamo, before I get down to figuring out how to integrate the rig I get from that with the one I set up with Rigify (which I’ll be needing for facial animations and such). For that, I found that I can use the Rokoko addon’s retargeting function, as seen here:

Of course, this isn’t turning out to be as straightforward as it looks. I’m finding that either some of the bones are receiving the animations, in a pretty distorted way, while others remain static, or none of them even transfer at all. Is there a specific way each of the bones must be mapped each other, or is it more likely to be a problem with scaling or something else?

The bones that are static are probably in IK mode. That’s my best guess. Make sure everything is in FK mode and that you map to the FK controllers.

That may give better results…

here for some trick

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. This whole time I was mistakenly retargeting to the DEF bones, but I see you did it with FK bones, so I did that and it helped me fix the problem. However, although the idea looks interesting, I’ve found node-based retargeting to be a little bit convoluted in practice when trying your addon, compared to just doing it via the n-panel menu like other retargeting addons instead. I do think it might be helpful in some cases as an extra, but just not for full humanoid rigs.

I choose node-based because its easy to organize each bone and tweak value, you can mapping bone and arrange the node so you can easily tweak and see the in real time and if you happy with the result you can bake the animation to action.

here some example using N-panel I had to scroll and search some bone to tweak

and this is when you mapping bone