Tips on selling 3D models?

So I’m selling currently 3 models on TurboSquid and the3dstudio and haven’t got anything yet since about 4 days. I know it is too early to judge, but I want to check if I’m doing something wrong. For example, I’m unsure if each model has the right price, or I’m missing something for my presentation.

Anyways, whoever had any luck selling models, could you give me some advises and tips onto how to increase your sellers?

P.S.: Don’t ask why the prices aren’t the same on both sites.

Take a look at competingproducts. This is from ‘Related items’ on the 3dstudio site. This model’s beauty render is on the same page as your model. Things I notice:

  1. the tire tread is visible in all product photos except the close up of the disassembled brakes.
  2. model HAS brakes
  3. model has textures
  4. model comes in high and low poly versions
  5. Comes in files for commercial packages: 3D Studio, Lightwave, Max
  6. Preview image has reflections on the wheel, not the groundplane
  7. Preview image fills the frame
  8. model is a specific wheel - not ‘based on’ a type of wheel
  9. model has 17 keywords for searches

I suspect number 3 and number 5 are the most crucial. People don’t buy models because they can’t model it themselves. People buy models because they are working on a commercial production, have a budget, have a deadline and don’t have the time to do it themselves (or, $45 is way cheaper than having their in-house artist make it.) So they want to be assured the model will work right out of the box. Their software package, no searching around for textures.

Not sure who would buy that kind of wheel (too detailed for a game, not enough detailed + missing textures for an animation) for $30…
I never bought anything but it seems a bit overpriced to me… at least comparing Orinoco’s wheel for $45, which looks much better (or is presented better)
Also, why would you put one Coke model free and the second one for $8.50?, of course I’m gonna go for the free one…

great information…thanks for sharing.


Focus on modelling an object such as an assault rifle for example. Look for different assault rifle designs, gather ideas and combine them with your own.

Minimize poly count as much as possible. Use PolyCruncher (The one that has a cow in it!)



Advertise as much as possible on fb, twitter, instaingram etc.

I think, there are many Selling tips,mainly focus on Include as much information on the texture as possible like width and height, color depth, possible uses, etc. Beyond just including a preview image of the actual texture, consider including rendered images of the texture being used in a real world example scene.

Just curious, do you have the permission to use the coca cola brand at the coke model? You could run into some legal problems here.

The biggest problem that i see here is the demand. Your three models are nothing common and needed. So no wonder that you have problems to provide them even for free.

What is needed are complete packs. A dungeonset for example. Or a set of cars. Stuff with which you can make a complete game or a scene with, and that fits together. A single wheel is not really wanted.

I think everyone who replied to you gave good advices. Try to model for a request instead of creating an offer no one wants.

Also, 98K vertex for a wheel … for a game … really ?

It is very early to judge your sales after only four days. But as others have said, some of your 3D models are extremely detailed or missing textures. Also, you might try other websites to sell your models on as well. There is a general guide available for selling 3D models at that might help you find the best exposure for your models. I found this guide offers lots of info and seems to be updates regularly.

Also like Orinoco said, you should have many commercial file types for each item you are selling. I personally do not think #3 from Orinoco is the issue, but it could be. Mostly, you just need to wait. Even great models don’t typically sell daily.


Hey Everyone!

Just went through the discussions and I wanted to quickly take a survey to identify which is the top rated marketplace for selling 3d products?

Please leave a comment letting me know which is the place you trust and visit most often. Thanks In Advance!