Tips on Walkcycles

([email protected]) #1

There is an excellent tutorial about drawing walkcycles here:

It’s not done for 3d apps but it is of really great help. Maybe it’s the wrong forum I just thought it might be of interest here.


(harkyman) #2

This is the perfect place.



(haunt_house) #3

anatomy of a walk is also nice


(UglyMike) #4

Also nice for Blender related walkcycles (although still using the ‘old’ IKA bones) is the following tut (which I was able to find thanks go to Green’s Raysite):

I also have the book the drawn walkcycle comes from. I can recommend it (just can’t remember the name…) If you want the ISBN, let me know.


(Paul_C) #5

Wow, what an ego trip! Everyone’s using my tute! Coolness. The book is called “Cartoon Animation” by Preston Blair. It deals with the basics of creating and drawing 2d characters. It has a whole lot more in it than just a walk cycle, let me tell you.

Will be updating the walk cycle tute soon for armatures, but the same principles apply.