Tips to create brown and yellow fur


i was wondering if you would have some tips to make my bear a little more realistic, especially the brown fur with the children (that not look great), and the yellow fur, i was looking for a yellow fur as it is there :

The particules settings for the brown fur :

Any ideas?


Hair is very complicated to do correctly. If you attach a .blend file I could try to get a convincing effect for you and share the material and particle settings back with you.

Can you please display the rest of the particle settings? They are important too. For both systems. My guess is that you need more particles and less children, and if you have any variation set turn down the size because as you can see that results in the patchiness (for the brown fur).

So, i have tried another version, but the result is not really good :

here’s the file : (so “small” is the yellow fur, and “fur” is the brown fur, and as you can see, the yellow does not really work, and this time the interpolated option created a bit too much of fur on it)

bearFur3.blend (1.95 MB)

and the texture : (i could not pack it into the blend file, i don’t know why)

Thanks :slight_smile: