tips,tricks: water in bag plastic model 3d?

i wish to look for base tutorial how model 3d “water in bag plastic”?
see example picture:

i did try but i’m not make fine…
do you have idea link tutorial or try it?

You could try Cloth and Shape key function to get a wrinkle:


I made a test. Basically you start with subdivided cube. Use torus for pinching the ‘bag’ and use force to blow the bottom part. :slight_smile:


Hope it helps.

thank you for you energy, but i wanted ttry water in bag like as effect…i’m not good write english but i try …

cloth is good for wrinkle? i did try:
cube hole-cap + soft-body+fluid-obstacle+cloth but not work…
see my file water-bag-plstic.blend (741 KB)

i think there is automatic to phisics for bag plastica wrinkle… never i see a tutorial…uhmm

i will open now and try a moment…

this is good trick and tips…:eek:

i want to know why using collision and force field…? this tricks is GOOD…i want to try it, but cube (you created) can “expand” scala will worked?

i did try cube to expand… not work …why?

Bake the simulation…

Select cube go to Phisics tab, cloth and under cache press bake.

That should do the trick.

  1. Self colosion and colision on cloth…
  2. Torus needs colision for cloth interaction
  3. Force field to blow the ‘bag apart’

thank again but not work CUBE goes SCALA = expand with phisics NOT WORK…i did try bake cache…not work…sorry i’m ignorant…

If you open my Blend it looks like this. Correct? Where do you want to go from here?

sorry for all my english, you are right, that i want it, thank you for find tricks and tips!!
so now i will do other model and i will show you ok? a moment…

that first topic is for start to tricks, tips, so you (vandorius) are FIND BEST TRICK, so i can do other way and thank to you also ridixgood show!
a moment i will show you ok?

but it’s not easy to job…but i’m not satisfied 100% but i need to try…
i want that wrinkle, out of wood…
water-bag-plstic.blend (741 KB)

Hello, I’m wondering if I may ask/see this file? I’m trying to achieve the wringkle on the bag like you made but to no avail. Or maybe a step by step to make it? I tried to follow your way but didn’t seem to work the same like that, I’m not sure where I did wrong. Thanks in advance…

Its been a long time I did this. I will take some time and make another file and share it.

Oh i see… Sorry for troubling you. Though it would be nice if you can, but if you can’t, you don’t have to do it… This is what I did. I couldn’t get that shape like yours, so I just manually crease it one by one, and it didn’t look as nice… :sweat_smile: Haha… But thanks for responding to my post… :bowing_woman:

Hey. Since I have made it before reading your last post I can nevertheless upload it.Bag_sim.blend (2.8 MB)