tire tracks

Hey all, Please help. Maybe I’m just a little dumb but i cant figure out on how to put tire marks onto my race track scene.

I want something similar to this http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3436/3890122953_20e4bab896.jpg on top of the basic road texture. I’m also trying to put a darker part of the track that follows the racing line rather than the center of the track which is what I currently have.

I tried a new UV layer but i ended up just getting more and more confused.

Thanks in advance.

go to blenderguru site and look at the snow tut video
it shows one way to make bump map for tire tracks in snow

this might be usefull technic for you

happy 2.5

Which are you having problem with, the UV procedure, or painting the tier marks?

ok I think I got part of it - so what I’ve done since, is unwrap the track from top view on a new UV layer and drawn the dark racing line, which in itself has given the track more realism.

I’m guessing to get the individual tire effects I’d have to do each corner seperatly on another UV layer.

Unless, I make a texture with tire tracks in a straight line is there a way i can bend it to follow a curve or something?

ROUBAL’s 4x4 vehicle rig leaves tire tracks.

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