Tired, Old Orc

I sculpted and hand painted this orc over the span of 3 days, initially as a test of Blender 2.90’s sculpting tools, it became a whole project on its own. I’m really proud of the way this turned out, and I hope you guys like it!

Here’s the workbench render of the same scene.


Very nice work! What’s you conclusion after trying out the new sculpting tools?

My conclusion is the sculpting tools were finally good enough for me to finally cancel my zbrush subscription! For the longest time I found blender’s sculpting tools to be either badly made or just plain messy compared to that of zbrush, but thanks to the hard work of Pablo Dobarro and the rest of the blender team, they finally made it, in my eyes, competitive with zbrush for mid/low tier artists like me who don’t use some of zbrush’s more niche applications.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice first post…
Really like the eyes and eye cavity, completely sells this as a real makeup job (on a human)
for a movie.

You’re #featured! :tada:


Looks amazing.can you elaborate your textureing workflow.

Nice, just the head though? I like the paint texture

Really great… I would love to know your workflow… did you retopo for texture or directly used vertex painting?

Very neat, it bears a lot of realism, despite being a fantastic char

Hi there.

First of: great work and a nice addition to my desktop-wallpapers-slideshow. :smiley:

Now for C&C :
It somehow reminds me of a walruss, with the dropping ears and the downward tusks.
Downward tusks loose a lot of their effect: Tusks are either for digging or as weaponry, but yours do neither. Most they do is envelope the chin. It is also weird that they are outside of the mouth, since they are clearly teeth, but looking at narwals, I won’t argue on that.
The rings are miscoloured. I guess they should be gold, but they look like eloxed aluminum. Gold should be brighter and more faint. If it is supposed to be brass, I’d go with a slight red tint.
His right tusk doesn’t have a hole for the ring.
Most white spots seem to be skin-discolouring but the nose looks painted. If it is paint that should reflect on the hair.

Over all: a very awesome piece. I truely love it. Glad you got featured.

Registered on blenderartists.org just to say great work!


I did a retopo to enable me to do mutlires sculpting. The grooves and wrinkles in the skin really helped with getting things like dirt and paint in believable spots!

For my painting workflow, I started out with a base color, in this case, olive green. Then I painted big smooth splotches of discoloration, followed by texture masked and highly jittered paint strokes, for example, in the face paint on his eyebrow ridge. I did the same thing with my roughness map, and with the SSS map to create surface level blood vessels (look closely at the outer corner of his baggy eyelids, those blue veins are from the SSS map)

I also hand painted the eyeballs, and based the iris after my own eyes.

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Thanks for the CC! I’m so glad and humbled that my art is featured and that you’re using it on your desktop!

There are many fair points! For the tusks, they’re actually a sexually selected trait, and those orcs who don’t care for mating anymore shave them down, as they continuously grow. In my lore of this species, orcs in their prime sometimes grow their tusks to massive proportions! I made them come from the back of the mouth purely because I really dislike how the classical orc teeth seem to be really really uncomfortable, and it bothered me how it stretches their mouths. I feel like those orcs would constantly be drooling. So rather than make the tusks out of canines, I made them out of 2-3 molars at the back of the mouth, and that’s why there are ridges near the base of the tusks too.

You’re completely right about the rings, they were a last minute addition to the character to make the visual weight a little more equally distributed throughout the portrait. The tusk actually does have a hole for the ring, but in my blunder, I placed the ring too high up on the Z axis and now it clips through the wrong spot.

I should find out how to make hair look painted!


Hey Drakmann. I’m glad if my C&C helped. :slight_smile:

The tusks would probably still come out of the mouth, since evolutionally thats less of a jump and leads to fewer complications. If you give them split lips it might work without drooling.
(Thats how I designed my Orks for my “split moon” universe. They evolved from boar there. Their tusks are sprouting from extended bone-sockets, making them stand out a bit. They have a split upper lip and a larger, baggy lower lip so they don’t drool.)

For the hair: I’m not quite sure either, but I’d say it would already help if you got a few crumbs of paint in.

@Drakmann- well done, enjoyed it! Can’t wait to see what else you coax out of the new sculpting tools!