Titanfall 2 Stim Pilot

Heya, this is the first character I’ve ever made, it’s for a school project. Based closely on the Stim Pilot from Titanfall 2.

Since I’m new I can’t embed more than one photo, so here’s more
Quick turntable animation
I’m looking for critique for everything relating to character creation and hard surface modelling. Stuff like proportion, details, and anything obvious I may have made a mistake on


Can you show a Full photo?
Like from a view-point from a bit far away?

I updated the alblum to include that

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According to the album,
The body looks way too big for those limbs, add a bit of evenness to the model.

Way too big like the front to back length, or the width?

Everything, the limbs just seem a tad to thin, but the length is good