Titanium Icarus small extracts

This is a small extract of a short film done for the forthcoming release of the book Titanium Icarus ,
By Tom Harris, JP Santiago, and yours truly for the illustrations and 3d animations for this small film.

Titanium Icarus extract from Galgot on Vimeo.

Please note these extracts does not represent the final footage (in particular the takeoff scene flames), as the film is still been worked on, cutting, soundtrack, ect are in the work. But I’ve mostly finished my part for it (ouf)…

The book covers US supersonic transports projects of the 1960/70s and will be released by La Jetée Press.
Model in the animation above is a Boeing 2707-300.
Below is an earlier Boeing project, model 733-290 :

Just one of the many images done for that book.

And here views of the 733-290 interesting sliding nose (and the silly nose shape controller…) :

Hope you like it.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much ! Good weekend to you too :slight_smile: