Title Animation

This is a title animation based on one of Andrew Price’s tutorials at Blender Guru of blowing up a title into glass shards. I’m still trying to find sound effects to go with it, so suggestions would be most welcome. Please critique. Thanks!
Render: Blender internal
I used the VSE for editing and some postpro.


It looks pretty good (better than mine when I followed that tutorial!)

Why does it repeat so much at the beginning? Personally I think it would look better if you had the glass shards appearing at the start then just blending inti the words like Andrew Price did.

But overall nice effect, especially the shiny logo formed at the end. good job!

Thanks for the feedback. I tracked the camera to an empty at the center of the title and then key-framed the camera to sweep from right to left through the particles. I wanted to get the effect of zooming through flying particles and do something a little different than what Andrew Price did. Any other opinions?

I would go with only one camera sweep. The current camera movement takes away the greatness of the animation. Try doing a sweep from left to right. Might look better :).

Happy Blending!

I think you’re right. It does take the focus off the flying particles to have the camera itself flying everywhere. I’ll try that. Thanks!

Actually, a slow movement from the left to right might do the trick too…