Title intro

I probably could have done more with it but I always like to see something as soon as possible. But for now it’ll work. Thoughts? Opinions?


looks good, nice shake, perhaps you could add some dust?

I really like it, I just think your framing is a bit tight. I would pull the camera back a bit, or maybe even animate the camera pulling back to show off the BIG logo after its landed. I don’t see the need for the vignetting (spelling) effect, but I guess thats personal preference.

Nice work… It would be cool with some dust… and… just a thought… instead having the AOS films crushing AOS films… maybe… AOS Films crushing… some wording like “Sucky films” or “HalfAzz Films” or “Rotten Movies” or something…
Anywayz just an off the top of my head idea…