Title safe area question

Could someone smarter than me please explain what the title safe area really is for? I mean if the action safe area is there to see that the action is really inside the frame why need a title safe area within a safe area?

Standard CRT (tube) monitors have a portion of the screen outside the “safe area”. This portion can differ from model to model (some manufacturers sell 15" computer monitors with only a 14" visible area!!!) and even from unit to unit.

We have one TV which is far enough off centre that we sometimes do lose the first letter of messages placed across the full width of the screen.

So, if your output is intended for fullscreen viewing and is likely to be viewed on CRT then the safe area may be important to you. The safe area doesn’t matter at all for viewing movies within windows in a software player (but is still useful as a design tool since it isn’t wise to put important stuff on the edges of your image).

Ok AndyD, thanks for your anwser. I found this page that also explains the usage of the action/title safe areas http://www2.hawaii.edu/~ghoeffke/video_basics/rules_of_editing1.htm