TJ #009 from The Journey

RAWR #09

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Very nice, man! But you could maybe add a bump map, or something, to the sculpt…

Wow impressed :slight_smile:

Yeah true, thanks!

Thanks Nova x)

The muscle at the forearm is wrong, that muscle bulges up until a point then the tendon takes over and it goes towards the thumb. Also you would probably want to give hints to a ribcage because while leaning forward he would have to straighten his back a bit in order to not fall over, here I made a sketch. You would probably want to change the pose of the left arm a bit too, it looks awkward.

The arm is still off, there isn’t a muscle between the triceps brachii and biscepts brachii. I actually just mentioned how the anatomy is incorrect on my post at CGCookie. I am learning anatomy as i sculpt, and when i sculpted this one i didn’t start learning these parts of the body yet.

Great feedback though, i look forward to future ones as well x)!

Actually there is, the brachialis, so you got that one right. It’s maybe bulging a bit too much but it’s there. :wink: But it’s a good model, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


that is brachialis too? from the book i study from it wasnt mentioned, there is a muscle on the other side that is brachialis as well. But yeah its bulging too much.