TK-421 hazardous gas transport

Haven’t posted here in a while here is a piece for an ongoing project I am working on.



Very nice! Great attention to detail and the colors are well suited to this type of object. Where is the front?

I really like this! Reminds me of some of the work by Paul Pepera, who unfortunately passed away, I think. I will be very interested to watch the progress of your ongoing project, please, continue to post updates!

paul pepera was a massive inspiration! and thanks I will post more here.

paul pepera was a massive inspiration! and thanks I will post more here. and scorpius I definitely used some artistic license on the exsposed section I had originally had it covered but the shapes didnt read as well. thanks for the comments guys!

What a great design, I wish more space ship designs were so grounded in reality. You should render the other views as well.

Great model, and image. I also appreciate the name you used for it, TK-421. I feel as though this gas transport would have a bad transmitter or something. :wink:

I can do that if you guys want to see it ill have to find the file though!

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bad power converter had to go to toshi station.

realistic assets on it, its a complete concept.

Very cool design, indeed. I specially like the asymmetric pilot house. - Also a very detailed model. How long did it take you to finish this concept?

Incredible work.

cool, but it can’t fly in atmosphere, maybe add some wings or lift fans

Holy cow the detailing is incredible. Have you ever done assets for video games?