Can I integrate ‘tkinter’ with the stand alone blender exe?
When I run my blender file with ‘P’, ‘tkinter’ just wokrs fine but seems not if I make the blender file as exe.

do you have any print statements?

have you tried running the blender player with the -c switch?

have you tried running the blender player [not a saved runtime] and specifying your .blend and using the -c switch?

I have no idea, but with normal python script it should work, I’m not sure if it should work with Tkinter.
What I also know is that Blender includes a few python modules that can be used on different comptures as well, but when you want to make more advance of python you need to add some python modules with it.

It could be that the blenderplayer is limited compared to blender itself, and that it works in blender but no on blenderplayer which is totally inverse by making advance of networking with python that works with blenderplayer with no problem, but inside blender it freezes the game.

I can try to test it at my pc and post an answer later :slight_smile: