(NateTG) #1

(TLO=The Last Outpost) i know this was asked about a while ago…but now its been a while, and I still wanna see it. Anybody got any news? Is it still in production?

(BgDM) #2

SKPjason was in a serious accident and was hurt pretty bad,(nerve damage in his arm, etc.). So this has been delayed some.

It is still coming, just not really any time soon. :frowning:


(dreamsgate) #3

Is he ok? I hope he gets better soon.

(BgDM) #4

As far as I know he is back to work, and working on TLO. He is not 100%, from what I have heard on #BlenderChat, but he is definitely better.


(SKPjason) #5

As soon as I can find some webspace to post the newest trailer I will… My health is much better… Tho my friend who underwent the surgery has had some trying times the past few weeks… Been rreal busy… Plus I had to do two major contract orders at the photolab I run…

In any case… TLO is making lots of progress… It’s getting longer in length than I anticipated… What I’ll probably do… in a month or two is to start posting five to ten minute chunks of it… a new one each week…

Until then… anyone got some webspace they want to donate to place a new trailer and some “behind the scenes” featurettes? :wink: Probably not…

I may be scarce… but my heart will always be with blender.


(theeth) #6

I can probably give you some space on our FTP here, just contact me (mail, PM) and I’ll give you a password.

PS: it’s on a T1, so bandwitdh isn’t a problem.

(CubeFan973) #7

Cool! “The Last Outpost: The Serial Movie By SKPJason!”

Hmm… not the intended effect.