This is one of my first really ‘complete’ works. Well, complete as far as modeling is concerned. The rigging is a bit of a mess at the moment, since I’m still learning as I am working.

This is one of 8 other Robot designs, most quite different from one another and all rigged. They are used as representives of the different parts of the TMS company group like, Industrial Cleaning, Manpower or Pneumatics and Hydraulics…

This is the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Bot.

Please don’t take too much note of the rendering. I actually post this just to get some feedback on the design, and… well… I have a kind of a problem. Maybe there is WAY too much detail, but the model really eats up my CPU, especially when I have to work with all six at once. I’m going to systematically try and take away those poly’s I don’t need, but stil. Hell. Well, there is about 144 000 faces. Dunno. The problem is some renders need to be about 5 feet high for flag/canvas prints.

Propably can’t do much about it…

I’ll post some examples of the other Bots at another time…

Click for larger view:

Thanks for checking this out! :slight_smile:

I’m a little wary about saying always, but still… you should “always” remove polies you don’t need. Make things as light as they can be.
The robot is really cool by the way. May I suggest changing the ankle to a ball joint as well? Would be more realistic and give him a lot more freedom of movement.

Thanks FreakyDude!

Yeah, good call on the ankle, but Brightspark here (thats me) already submitted the Bot and it has been used in a few Ads etc. I have some pretty hard posing moments with that locked joint…damn. Thought it looked cool, not very practical.

Aaaanyway. Learned quite a bit and stil do. If I look back at the way I worked there, I took WAY too much time on stuff I just modeled the wrong way. A good Workflow is a lifesaver. I’m stil getting mine of the ground. Heh!