To all FreeSpace fans!

(hotsnoj) #1

I think this is considered a work in progress because I haven’t finished converting the other ships.

I have so far two FS1 fighters in the .blend format.

GTF Ulysses


All in all it took me less then 10 hours to convert and semi reUV map the models. For those wondering if I’m going to do all of the FS1 ships, I am. But I might not do the big ships if there are too many problems.

{edit} Oh ya. Copyright Volition & Interplay where vaild.

(Ecks) #2

Wow very cool! I try once to convert model like the Stahana of freespace2. it got all weird! lol

Even if I don’t like to pilot the two fighter you already convert It’s cool to have them in blender! :slight_smile: thank you!

(Turrin) #3

Looks pretty good. Are you going to try and clean them up a bit? They look a little low detail. Perhaps if you where going to annimate you could increase the modeling detail. Very nice though!


(stephen2002) #4

great, are you going to try to re-create the entire game in the Blender game engine or are you just converting them for kicks?

(hotsnoj) #5

No I am not trying to make a Blender version of the game. My GameBlender skills lack tons. Just look at my attempt to make a 3D node map. Download You need the DLL’s that come with the 2.25 release from

I have no intentions of making higher poly count ships. I don’t have that ability. I just wanted to convert them so I could make renders in Blender (my favorite 3D program btw).

Wow very cool! I try once to convert model like the Stahana of freespace2. it got all weird! lol

I converted the models with these steps. I used ModelView to make it a FS2 file POF then I converted it to COB with PCS then I took only the fighter01a mesh and then converted that to VRML 2.0. Alls I had to do after that was add a few missing faces.

(hotsnoj) #6

Got the SF Dragon done.

Which one looks more evil? The ‘shadeless’ or un’shadeless’?

A look at the back.


(hotsnoj) #7

GTF Apollo


(Ecks) #8

The darker dragon look cooler. But the two (dragon and appollo) are so cool! I know have them! :wink: Thank you for sharing them with us! :smiley:

(hotsnoj) #9

GTF Valkyrie


(Ecks) #10

WOW!!! my all time favorite! The valkyrie! WOW really nice! Thank you! :smiley:

(Pooba) #11

Wow! COol.

At first i thought you were talking about a webhost :wink:

I’m making a game involving space travel, combat, and a bunch of other stuff. These models give me inspiration to do cool stuff.


(hotsnoj) #12

Got a simple site up.

The FreeSpace’s .POF to Blender’s .BLEND project site

(hotsnoj) #13

GTF Hercules

PVF Seth


(hotsnoj) #14

PVF Horus

PVF Thoth

(S68) #15




(Enos Shenk) #16

YES! you rock man, i still hold to the beliefs that the freespace games are some of the coolest games for pc. Gotta love the beginning of the second (or third?) “volunteer” missions in fs2. “DIVE DIVE” ahhhh i spit drink all over myself when that one loaded.

(hotsnoj) #17

Finally got to the shivan fighters! Ya.

SF Basilisk

SF Manticore

SF Scorpion

(hotsnoj) #18

SD Lucifer

I finally got the Lucifer done. I would have done the GTD Orion but I’m having trouble with trueSpace. I pretty much had to reUV map this thing cuz Blenders texturing controls aren’t that great for multiple-texture-maped objects (as is VRML). This version of the Lucifer is unturreted 'cuz of the texture map problems I’m having. Though I will someday have one done.

(Ecks) #19

Look cool! Thank for sharing those model with us! :smiley: