To bool or not to bool - how to 3D print just a surface of sticking objects?

Dear Blender community,
if I model a complex character bust in blender and want to print it in 3D… the bust consists of different objects, sticking into each other. To avoid wasted resin, I want to ask if you can suggest a good and easy way how to create just surface or hull of this bust. Like using a boolean and get rid of the inner parts. I hope you see what I mean at the attached picture. The green lines should diasapear in the print. So there will be only a surface of the cube and the cylinder.
Any Idea? Cant use the bool modifier, because the object is to dens.
Thanks in advance for any hint
Cheers Hilmar

This is the bust I want to print. As you can guess, hair was sculpted of a sphere, so there is a lot of waisted polys inside…together with the hidden parts of the back of the head…eyes …

What you’re talking about is a manifold surface. There’s a 3D print tools add-on included with Blender that lets you make a surface manifold, turn that add-on on and use it

I just purchased my first 3d printer about 3 months ago and having been going hog wild with it.

There was and is a learning curve I am going through as well.

As @joseph mentioned the 3d print tool add-on is a must have. The other one is the Bool tool add-on (also included in Blender) and the Union command is also your friend. The last tool is the remesh function. You do have to play with one or all the tools because they don’t always work or gives weird results at different resolutions.

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Thanks a lot Josephhansen and OLG.
I am trying 3d print toolbox first. I asume thats the addon you are refering too.

Do you know a good forum to ask questions about the resin. I am using the waterwashable from elegoo and facing a lot of unwanted “dirty” spots at the surfaces. I doo wash the print about 2min and than set it unter UV light for 15min. So that should not causing this spots. Maybe it is this waterwashable resin… dont know.

Will attach an picture of my last print where you can see all these white spots …like dirt.