To charge my batteries ...


Nothing special to say for this one, I wanted to make something else then my last boring in and out scenes.
Once again it is a texturing challenge and I spent some time on the UV mapping and on Gimp to create or adapt textures.

All the modelling was made with Blender
The rendering was made with Indigo 1.08
The lighting is an HDRI map
Some postpro with Gimp.

Very good work ! Nice render and good idea ! Regards.

Eccellente BRAVO

That’s some excellent texturing. The aged metals especially. The glass dome on his head is impressive too!
This is easily a gallery piece.


Lovely renders and as stated, the texturing is superb.

what else could we aspect from an artist like you.Very nice texturing , nice mood .I feel like in the metro of Brussels .Meaby some walktrhougt or tut ,to share your secrets?

Extremly nice textures and overall good modeling. The consept is also good imo. The wagon seems a bit unatural, a metalcart or somting would be more natural to see in a urban environment like this. Just my thoughts.

The shader for the wall is too reflective but everything else looks great. You are really good at getting the textures spot on.
Nice theme to.

Very nice work, I love the textures and composition, and modeling, and everything else. I call gallery as soon as BGDM gets here!

A very nice job, even though the idea seems a bit borrowed from this piece
I dont know if you have seen it or not but excellent job anyvays.

Insane work on the texturing, and modelling as well.

Only part that bothers me is the texturing of arms, they seem too flat around the rusty parts.

Ah, very good!
I like the hat idea!

u’r doing a lot of ‘encoring’ nowadays! Gallery stuff. This should be a benchmark for what blender and blenderheads can do!!! all the stars of the universe for u!!

Reminds me of Syberia II
Very good, all things are in right places :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your comments,

@DeaDEnD: Agree with the arms, the texture is a bit flat and I probably should have used a greater bump value or a spec map. Yea, quite the same concept, I know, and the image from Pawel Hynek is really wonderful. To be honnest I started this modelling last week without having this image in mind and yesturday I remembered that something similar was done, I didn’t remembered exactely and I found it in the 3D choice gallery (well deserved). And right, very similar, so what to do, I hesitated but a lot of work was already done and after all I didn’t stolen anything, so I finally decided to publish it anyway.

Im glad you did post it, because its a very wonderfull piece :slight_smile:

And truly most great ideas are invented several times already and its very hard to produce enything original these days. And even though if the original idea may not be yours you certainly have added a lot of your own in this piece and it truly is great one.

Your work looks brilliant.

How long did it take to render these images in Indigo?

Just great!
5 Stars

Amazing work! Fantastic texturing!

The only thing that comes to mind is that the coke can lying on the floor is a bit too small in proportion. But other than that, flawless.

wicked awesome! 5***

5 stars. Five stars more for your past works. 5 stars more because i wanted to render like you. wow, man. Someday you must do some tutorial or making of, huh?