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I just have a few questions. How to I get my tris to stay well under 10,000. I have tried remesh tool, and face select limited dissolve, however they do not seem to work out very good. This screenshot I hope will explain everything to you. I have only been doing this for about 2 months and need direction. My other questions involve getting my radeon gpu to render and materials and texturing tutorials. Thank you for your time.

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Also tell let me know if you need more information. I will do my best to collect it for you.

Every level of smooth multiplies your previous level of quads by 4. That’s likely part of it. Then when converting quads to tris, you’re doubling the polycount as each quad technically is two tris back-to-back.

Try not to rely too much on subdiv for smoothing, and eventually you’ll learn ways to be more efficient with your geometry. Not all cases require this, but working within a poly budget is something 3D artists should be aware of when modeling for games. You can also learn to do normal and bump mapping that will allow you to cheat and make your models appear smoother via shading. (Bake displacement/normals using the higher res smoothed model and apply it to the previous unsmoothed version.)

To Pauljs75_:

Thank you for your reply. I do not have any formal education for being a 3d artist. All of the tutorials i have seen seemed to stress that “low poly and low tri count” was the key to good modelling.

I will be looking into Bake displacement/normals and also narmal maps and bump maps.

Please know that your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.
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