To move human with python

I am working on a game in blender and I have a problem. In the game I have a human and I am going to move that in the game with python and that human must moves with keyboard. that human has armature. please help me
thank you.

import telepathy

h = telepathy.findHuman('zahra')
telepathy.issueCommand(h, 'Walk')

Um, err, don’t know what that code is…

We have no idea what your setup looks like. Typically to move you’ll use something like ‘localLinearVelocity’
I really can’t give much advice withough some more details to work with.

Do you want to move the human?
Do you want to play the walking animation on the armature?

I want to play the walking animation on the armature.

In my signature folllow the guides link. You will find the guide to character setup. It will tell you how to do that. You do not even need a bit of Python for that.

I think my question was not clear. for a game, you create a human and in the game you want to move him with keyboards (forward, backward, left, right). this model must move like a real human, for example when he walks his knees must bend.
thank you.

how can I rig a bone with python?!