to much nature?

Building was rendered mostly in white as it is in conceptual design stage and color selections have not been made. I wanted to place it on the project site with some green stuff… uh nature. Anywho. As always comments encouraged, criticism welcome, and ridicule - meh not so much.

THanks all

Heh… It’s not like too much of nature would do any harm… Is it a bit dark down below, or it’s just me?

I think you should get rid of the flare behind the house, and lighten up the forground.

i think the nature and general look of it is nice…my only small critique would be that for some reason there would appear to be a nuclear explosion in the background. Tone that down a little and it would be great :smiley:

That’s not a nuclear explosion, it’s the radiance of beautiful architecture. :wink: