To recent bones/the root

So while doing a walk cycle animation I seem to have accidentally moved my guy off center of the root, and now when I try to move him back the attempts result is massive deformation of my character. The problem I am having is that the rest of my animations, my character is in the center of the root, like he is by default with all rigify rigs.

So I am seeing a lot of deformation when trying to combine animations with this off walk cycle. Can anybody guide me in the right direction to fix this? Am I going to have to re do the entire walk cycle?

Picture of what I mean by “off from the center of the root”:

His back foot is in the center, when really the center should hover around his pelvic region.

Thanks all,

Title was supposed to be reset not recent btw. I will bump this, as I have not figured out how to readjust it if there is a way without having to redo the animation.