To Run or Not to Run, That is the Question/My Car Game Demo

simple question: does this demo work on your computer? (it’s about 125k)

not so simple question:if not, whats wrong. and if yes, do you like the way it handels /slides / jumps etc.

if it works here are the controlls
steer/go-arrow buttons
respawn- R
restart game- Q

ok. thanks for listining :slight_smile:


car turned very quickly for me (140-150rpm) :wink: and often turned onto it`s side. :frowning:

but the sound!! :smiley: best bit for me, loved it. and you just chucked that on?

nice one.

thanks for the reply,

i was afraid of that turning problem coming up, i didn’t want to use angular velocity, wich is framerate indipendent, because if you press turn repeatedly you go faster and faster. so i settled for torque wich changes with the framerate. so on faster machines the framerate is faster and therefor so is the turning. so does any one know of a way to limit the frame rate of a game(i know how to set an actuator to framerate indipendent, but i want to know how to limit the whole game to a certian framerate)to say oh…30 frames per second?

is it even possible?

thanks in advance for any answers :smiley:

Try a CVS version of blender - it now runs the logic & physics at a fixed update rate.

do you have a link to where i could get it?

never mind, i found it :slight_smile:

I started the game and the car passed through the floor(I guess because as there are no texture, it is all white in texture mode so I played it in wiremode)then the car rolled to the side