To sphere issue

Hi everybody

I seem to have an issue with the “to sphere”-function in blender:

As seen above, I have selected 8 vertices and then used the command ALT+SHIFT+S. My target is to simply make it like a circle, but as you can se it does not really end up that way. Does anybody know why? I am a bit of a novice…

I use blender 2.65 with no addons.

Have a nice evening.

  • Daniel

I’d suspect that your object doesn’t have the same scale for each of its axes (look in the Transform section of properties panel, shortcut N)
Clear the scale with Ctrl+A/scale while in object mode. Then try Shift+Alt+S again.

See here

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Also, you’re trying to turn a planar surface into a sphere and I assume it’s confusing the algorithm. I assume that what you want is a circle, in which case you should just turn on Looptools, press W -> Looptools -> circle

Place your cursor in the center of the verticies. shift+s then cursor to selected.

Delete the poly in the middle of those points and do a To Sphere and press 1 then confirm the action. Make sure there are no double verticies otherwise the algorithm will try to make the sphere. As long as the verticies aren’t doubled and planar, it forms an imaginary equator, or circle.

Or… just use the dedicated circle tool. No need to overcomplicate things, people. You don’t use a hammer to cut a piece of wood.

Yeah, I never knew of the looptools functions until today. Definitely the way to go. Strange that thats hidden like that…

not hidden, its an addon, once enabled its right there in the tool menu :slight_smile:

Just in defense of those using To Sphere - it was the method of choice for years before the addon was created, and many older tutorials still use it. That said, Looptools is the stuff, makes it much simpler.

That’s a bad comparison, and I disagree with the general point. To Sphere is a generalized tool to make stuff round, and mostly works perfectly fine for flat circles. It just shouldn’t give the result in the screenshot. Richard Marklew’s scale explanation seems more likely than your assumption about the algorithm. Based on a quick trial, both To Sphere and Circle give “unexpected” results for non-uniformly scaled objects.

Circle has advantages - it spaces the verts nicely, it works on several separate loops at once. On the other hand it can’t do half-circles, isn’t compatible with Proportional Edit.

Thanks for the quick responses. I will definitely try this out when I get home. I also learned about the circle tool (which is great to me). Have a great and wonderful day!