To Topo a man/women

about 1.5 hrs work…

It’s one of the few pieces I walked away to get something

and was presently surprised at how well it looked when I returned.

instead of the opposite(which frequently happens when I model people)

min 10 char.

I have found that for modelling heads, nothing beats doing a sculpt and then retopo-ing over it. In fact I use that workflow for a lot of things these days.

Modron is right, sculpt+retopo is probably the best workflow. If you model organic forms like heads from image planes, it’s always going to look wrong, or just different from the reference in some way. The reason is because you have to model from orthographic view, and you’ll end up seeing the final model in perspective. Since orthographic is only a theoretical camera view, it often translates to perspective in a strange way.

maybe I will sculpt what I already have and retopo it later?

it’s very interesting.

what I have done sometimes, is sculpt a duplicate, then just srink wrap the original over the duplicate

Sculpting over what you already have would be a good idea, just duplicate it first so if you mess up you can go back to the basemesh.

i’m not a sketchfab member so I can’t really see it but the back of the head looks good.

How is this?

very menacing. this is the bad guy I assume.

I’ve got some decent results with just box modeling, I’m too impatient when it comes to retopo.