this is it
if tere are any suggestions for future refrence, please state them


good uv mapping, but i think the ground needs some sort of texture.

also try making the grass blades a bit thiker.

Looks nice. Though the lighting is quite dull, try to experiment some more on the light angles to make the scene more exiting (let the toadstools cast some shadows for instance). Also the toadstools seem to have no structure, a bit of normalmapping could give it a more realistic look.

Nice and simple. I like it. The modelling/texturing seems fine on the toadstools, but I would give the ground some texturing too, and maybe put some more things in the scene (fallen twigs, scattered rocks/pebbles, etc.) Overall a nice work though.

XrQLz :wink:

now what do you think?


the shrooms are too shiny, you may want to tone down the specularity. and you may want to thicken the grass blade a bit. otherwise it’s really going pretty good.

how do you make a particle thicker?
thats how I made my grass (static,vectord particles)


actually your just add a texture to you material that you are using for your grass. Create a grass like material load it as a texture and viola!
Instant grass!

It also works for feathers, clouds, and back hair! :o

Have fun!

(edit: incase you didn’t realize it … you can assign a texture to your mesh that you made particles from. That material will be used for particles. You just have to create something that looks like a blade of grass in photoshop or gimp, or whatever and load it as an image under the testure tab of your material… simple) :slight_smile:

ok so heres the finished project


Ha ha ha! L.S.D.!!!
But, good moshroom.


A big improvement since your first render, it looks good. The only thing I might suggest (unless of course you intended it like that e.g. a hill) is to take the sky out of the render, I think you’ll know what I mean, imo it would look a lot better without… just slightly pan down the rotation of the camera.

Keep it up :wink:

From Daniel

LSD is a drug, as far as i know.
i like the last render

Good job on the light and the shadow, looks lots more interesting compared to the first render. I specially like the grass, quite convincing! Keep up the good work…

thanks to [email protected]’s sky map’s I have finished this project.


Looks great! Nicely done, maybe a bit of a simple scene, but the mushrooms look great. The modelling and texturing is right on.