Tobey Maguire... or is it?

Alright… I am just going crazy.

I love spider-man, and I can’t wait for spidey 2 (fan boy alert) but when I can across this picture, all my CG warning bells went off. It looks flat, it looks too perfect, the hair is amazing, but it has a few artifacts. The skin is too opaque, the chin is too straight, and the ears arent translucent enough. The eyes have no soul…

Is this tobey real or CG? I honestly think he is fake. (they had to make a CG tobey for some scenes in Spider-man 2)

Also, note the lihgting on the near shoulder of the costume, and spider onthe chest, looks a little flat… almost like a GI dome.

Problem spots… looks flat
expecially suit

somthing is wierd in this pic that for sure.
It could be the result of bad compositing of tobey’s head to the CG body.

Dude, WTF?

Is this Tobey Maguire computer Generated?


What day is it? Yes or no?


look at any part of it in isolation ,just the neck, just the ear, just the jaw, just the eyes, just the hair, and it looks very CG.

It is impossible to bend your neck like that… The suit is definatly CG, so why crop his head on it?>

I agree.

i think hes cg, or mostly cg

I say the head is real, comped onto a cg plate. perhaps that accounts for its oddity.

but even the head doesnt look real… seems very “trying to look real” Cg… like a little too real… yet lacking that essential something.

make-up can make a lot of people look very fake.

I had just woken up and for some reason didn’t comprehend that right. I read it as, “Is this Toby Mcguire computer generated or real, yes or no.” Sorry for my stupid comment.

The ear is showing light, but the reason it looks out of place is because they took the picture and then pasted it on a new (CG) background with different lighting. The suit is obviously CG, but I think it could be pasted over maybe. I don’t see what you’re talking about with the jaw and forehead.

If this is totally CG, it’s still really good.

WHAT?! That is clearly not CG, what are you people thinking?! The head is real, and composited onto a fake CG Body. GOT IT?! :<

Everyone who posted yes is clearly a gullible fool.

relax man…

Jsut asking around… and don’t b e so sure… why put the head on a Cg body? You would put him in the costume and do a full photoshoot if you were to use aphoto./…

Not necessarily, this way they could use photos of him that were already taken without paying for a whole new photoshoot.

as much as you may think his head is cg, I doubt it is… lighting tricks, and lots of makeup, always make people look that way… I seriously doubt his head is cg…

Maybe just a bad photoshop touch up?

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he does look kinda CG, the only reason i say this is because of his eyes…fake looking…and bad lighting…i bent my neck that way, then i had to go to the hospital…not really…just kidding…

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