Today i went alone, i'm leaving

At first it was just a strange noise every dawn, for weeks.
A little scary, a lot of questions.

We went there, we felt it, but there was nothing to see.
We kept going and with time, kept losing faith.

Today i went alone, it was there.

I am leaving.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Amazing work:+1:


Ion cannon ready, mark target (C&C).

This is some quality work. Great job. For some reason, this scene brings Dark to my head (show on Netflix) - strange caverns, strange lights and even stranger occurings.


Nice topography. How did you make the landscape? I like how the texture follows the elevation well.

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Cool intro for the images

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is that mewtwo?

Amazing! Can you please explain the use of the light?


Thank you mate.
This landscape was achieved by fiddling with the ANTLandscape addon… The textures conforming with the topology was a result of using several procedural noise textures combined and the ‘object’ mapping coordinate.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Two lights were used, one very very big with a red hue, this one gave the and overall light to the scene. The second one was an very small and strong with a blueish hue right in front of the character.
That is all for the lights, hope this helps

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