Today Mars, Tomorrow The Stars (a Blender sci-fi serial)

Hi, gang.
Here’s a couple of clips from “Today Mars, Tomorrow The Stars,” the animated sci-fi serial I’ve been working on.
One is the (VERY old, gotta make a new one!) preview trailer.
The other clip is some of the very earliest footage I ever shot for the project. It shows me demonstrating the flight controls in the prototype of the Martian Cavalier Gunpod. (None of this stuff is textured much, if at all. And the lights are ridiculous. But hey, the bastard FLIES.:cool:)

And here’s a short clip I did yesterday, based on a model texture SKYTECHCITY from BlendSwap. I changed it’s texture and gave it a sail. I’m going to mod this model a lot more in the coming days, so… (I was very sleepy when I hit render, and didn’t realize I rendered as MPEG1. Sigh…)

Please vote. It makes a difference.

ROIT! Now where’s that PUSSY Cyencah?

Are you drunk?

Lol. No, I don’t drink. Just tired. Been blending my ass off lately. Actually, the cancer line is from South Park, the Russel Crowe Show episode…
But thanks for being the first not-me person to vote in the poll and write in this thread! :smiley: